Sunday, February 28, 2021
St. Michael - Cary - Sister Parish - Honduras - Education Program

Education Program

     While tuition is free, many of the families cannot afford the cost of school materials, uniforms, and shoes needed to send their children to school. 

- Furthermore, the children were needed at home to help produce food for the family or assist with the home.  

- When we started no student went beyond the 6th grade. 

- We have helped over 1000 children in their studies and close to 100 have graduated from the 12th grade.

Education Program

Student Education Sponsorship

The school year in Honduras is from February to November.  And it takes time (and money) to gather all their school supplies.  The school itself is free, but their school materials, their backpacks and uniforms are not.

We are helping:
581 children in 2016
700 children in 2017
811 children in 2018

If you would like to get involved in this great mission,
contact Rafael Rodriguez - click "HERE".

Your help and ideas will be most welcome and
we can always use your help.


Students Information
  • My Name Is Anderson . 
    I am a boy, 12 Years Old. 
    I was born on 2003. 
    I live in Palestina in Honduras.
    I am in the 6th Grade. 
    I like to eat chicken. 
    My chore is to pick up the Papers. 
    I enjoy playing soccer. 
    My favorite subject is Social Studies.
         My name is Daniel. 
    I am a boy, 10 years old. 
    I was born on 2005. 
    I live in Palestina in Honduras.
    I am in the 3rd grade. 
    I like I like to eat rice and beans. 
    My chore is to clean the classroom. 
    I enjoy playing with little cars. 
    My favorite subject is Spanish.
  • My name is Gensy.

    I am a girl, 14 years old. 
    I was born on 2001. 
    I live in Palestina in Honduras
    I am in the 7th grade. 
    I like to eat chicken. 
    My chore is to clean. 
    I enjoy playing with dolls. 
    My favorite subject is math.

    My name  is Mirta.
    I am a  girl,  9  years old.  
    I was  born  on 2006.
    I live  in Las  Vegas  Tepemechín in Honduras
    I am in the 5th grade.
    I like  I like  to eat rice  and  beans.
    My chore is to sweep.
    I enjoy playing with dolls.
    My favorite subject is Spanish. 


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